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dollhouse update

heres a toy box for the doll children... made from a small coffer latte can... covered in scrap book paper and hand lettered "toy chest"...
with a game peice glued to lid to cover the coffer symbol.

small collage flotsam , unused by me as of yet so ... toy for the toy box...

the dolls playing with their toys.

drawers for the kitchen or somwhere , made from matchbox , covered in scrapbooking paper with small beads for drawer handles... perfect!

newly painted kitchen with newly "tiled" floor... (scrapbook paper again)

newly , brightly painted kitchen table and "shelves" made from a small red frame that i pulled apart and glued to the wall.

smiley coloring the chairs ... when else can you actually here your mom say "smiley , please color the chairs with your red marker... if it comes off we'll paint them later.

small scene of the kitchen

sun and floral statues from the collage flotsam ... unused with a new purpose... for the front door!

trash can made from an old film canister covered in scrapbooking papter again.... my boys idea!

close up of trash can and i dont think you can really see, there's actual trash in the can... :)


AscenderRisesAbove said...

awww i love the little house project. I always wanted to do one of these!

(Visiting from Monday Artday; stopping in to e-visit the members.)

Die Hohe Dame said...

thank you!! ive always wanted one too...but im not living through my daughter..i promise!! :) ill have more pics up soon

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