Blended Colors


green,black,copper,and blue

well i know i need a new camara because these peices ive made look much more awsome then they do here.. but i guess everyone knows that because they all say that too. i have a scanner but im clueless as to how to hook it up or use it so until my hubby can help the digital camara will have to do...*note these photos were taken at 2am only because im also a homeschooling momma of three kids all under 8yrs old*
so the green one is for a call from somerset studio and thats my favorite... the black tulip really did not come out very well in the photo ... there it silver ink on the piece that looks white.... i dont think im really done with that one yet...we'll see...
the others are just fun playing around things.... im working on some little things but because they're half done didnt think that it would be very interesting to see... oh and the button flowers im gonna try to sell at a craft yard sale soon... i saw those somwhere on some blog or website and i wanted to try it... and im sorry because whomevers site i saw it on they also saw it on somone else's site and they could'nt remember whos either... but there you are....

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