Blended Colors


illustration friday

well i cant seem to figure out the proper way to save the things im making... so sorry for the semi crummy pic...


bookbabie said...

nice mix of images:)

Die Hohe Dame said...

thank you !

Friederike! said...

Hi thank you for your comment on my blog. To your question:
maybe I´m wrong but I have not heared of craft shows in Germany, not the ones that exis in other countries and that are on a regularly basis and established. Sometimes there are little shows of a few people who come together, find a place and do the whole organization on their own, like this one last year I know there are a few fairs like in Frankfurt, Munich, but that are not the shows you are speaking of, right?
If you ever hear of a German craft show, please tell me.

Abrideri et Oblectare~~To Amuse and Delight