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pay it forward

this is for all the sites ive gone to , to get free stuff... and for all the generous people who make the things they make or download pix like these for all the artists out there to use....

im gonna start putting up some AWSOME antique photos i have.... some super old , some from around the 30's,40's,50's , that i know the dates of for sure anyway.

so here you go.... you can say thanx if you want but i dont mind if you take it and dont say hello too.... BUT id love to see what you make with it! whatever it is! please dont use this to sell , make a collage sheet or cd to sell, or anything else... its just for your own personel use: artwork, digitalart, or fun challenges like illustration friday , monday artday, artwords etc. what-have-you!

ill have a new one every monday, if possible!

thanx! and isn't she a cutie?


Janet said...

I love love love your artwork. And your attitude. I am going to borrow her to see what I can do. How sweet of you. Thanks!

Die Hohe Dame said...

well i hope you have fun... your welcome!

Abrideri et Oblectare~~To Amuse and Delight