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snippet swap!

well im doin somthing new and fun! a snippet swap with nina over at if you want to join we still have time and room! just go on over and sign up with nina! this is just a teeny bit of what im putting in and theres a little surprise rolled up in the center of each bundle and a surprise in the bottom of the take-out box that its all goin in! i hope somone out there will say "hey i want some snippets!"

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mamas*little*treasures said...

Hi Sheri! Thanks for the post and the link. Do you live in the Netherlands, or perhaps in the US but you are originally from the Netherlands? I ask because we are originally from West Michigan where there are LOTS of people of Dutch ancestry. Amazing people! I appreciate so much my experience of living around people who are so devoted, hard-working, and frugal. Made me who I am today! Nina

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