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some swaps

i think its ok im putting these pics up cause im pretty sure NO ONE READS THIS BLOG ... :) haha... well i think some people are. anyways ive done some pages for a tip-in swap .... never done this one before but it was fun and i hope to do it again... im sending the tip-ins out in the mail today so i thought id post the pics. the purple pages have a marie antoinette theme , with one side having a digital collage i did and then printed out for the page. the other pages have a yard sale theme with things no one wants... like wadded up monopoly money and a broken hairbow etc. and the feature i like is that the pages have an old zipper glued to keep them together.


juuli said...

Well, somebody does... You have a great blog, I mean great art of course. Just happened to find you, came to see what your Tuttle banner looks like!
I don't have an art blog, even though I've been doing things like this for over ten years. Do them for living, surface design, for like wrapping paper companies and fabric mills. Not as pretty and elaborate as yours! said...

oh, that is funny,but I think we all feel that way, like we might just be writing to ourselves!

Abrideri et Oblectare~~To Amuse and Delight