Blended Colors


long skinny boards

Well I finished putting some little odds and ends on these boards over the weekend.... I tell you what , when my hubby takes time off I just kinda stop doin the everyday stuff and I actually don't create as many things.... He was deployed for a long time last year and so I guess I make up for time, when I take off from my normal everyday thing as well. Anyways I have quite a few little things from swaps that I need to finish up and get sent off and then things I need to get started , and I can't wait.... but I must wait until tonight when the kiddies are in bed... :) Anyways here are my finished long skinny boards... I found the long calandars at a dollar store a long time ago and I gessoed them but never did anything with them.... till now....


paru's_circle said...

very original, just how big are they?

lollysnestegg said...

Your artwork is very unique....I love it!

Abrideri et Oblectare~~To Amuse and Delight