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new lil lady and snippets and monday artday

i joined a snippet swap recently and had such fun trying to be creative with my little snippets to send off! so im showing you pictures of my snippets that i recieved, which are AWSOME! thank you NINA from and on the same day in the mailbox there was a package i recieved of some much needed art supplies.... so my first attempt at using heavy body acrylics and somthing i never heard of , mica flake acrylics, is what my NEW PAINTING is all about... ok I think its cool. :) i stayed up all night making it last night. oh i did wanna say i've heard of mica but i didnt know they were putting it in paints now... cool right? thats what i painted her hair with... oh she's goin in the etsy shop so you could win her if you play in the pay it forward contest... shes also for my monday artday theme- envision...


red tin heart said...

Fabulous job! I love the color of her hair and all the little details You put into it. Nita

studio lolo said...

Looks like you have a lot of fun with all of your ladies and such! Very colorful and fun stuff!
My sister-in-law and her husband live in Stuttgart. He's some big wig military historian. They want us t come and visit but I won't go. I hate leaving my pets and I hate to fly!

alice k. said...

I didn't know that about mica either! The hair looks cool, though. I won't take part this time, I have nothing to offer for paying it forward. Ok, next time!
Where did you get the paints from?

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