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pay it forward

ok so I kinda forgot to put up a new picture for you guys to do with as you pay it forward freebie.... this is for you to use but not sell or put on cds etc etc.... i hope you like it. this woman needs some joy in her life... dont ya think? well have fun with it!


diamantella said...

"this woman needs some joy in her life" lol She needs chocolate methinks. Look at me, chocolate for everything. Don't you just love my problem solving skills? Haha!

Anyway, I'm convinced I should make your life harder by giving you extra work. So I have tagged you to do a meme where you post up your favourite old entries. Come on, make me jealous with all your previous beautiful creations. See if you can. I'm DETERMINED not to feel so. :p But we know better!

paru's_circle said...

yep... she needs a(other) life.. she needs a Mars bar with the gooie caramel stuck in her teeth. For sure, she ate too much porridge!!
(just joking..hope her heirs dont read this!!)

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hello, finally caught up with stuff so can spend timwe on the computer! oh yeah! this old girl needs a make over !!will play with and post on my blog!! thanks!!

purplepaint said...

Sheri - oh my gosh! The poor woman! She needs to be dressed up and saying something profound! LOL! Oh the ideas are flowing! Thanks, Marva

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