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peace and FREEBIE

Well I think this is my personal new favorite.... I bought these awsome cards in arizona a loooong time ago with different antique photos of different Native Americans... I've always loved the culture and tried to learn as much as I can... our grandparents raised us and told us that our dad was part Native American.... yrs later I found my real dad and that not the case .... but its still awsome to learn all that I've learned over the yrs.... anyways this is one of my favorite cards that I bought down there, the picture in the center of my new piece entitled ... well , Peace. What do you think? It's goin in my little shop as soon as they fix my tags in the shop.... :) maybe it's goin in... maybe I'll keep it... I dont know! I love it.... oh there is another contributed feather from my parrot fritz... also have my weekly PAY IT FORWARD freebie pictured.... the little girl just needs to be surrounded by flowerd or glitter... right? :)


red tin heart said...

I love it that you posted the Indian. My Grandfather and Grandmother on my Mom's side were both 1/2 Cherokee, that's why I do American Indian Monday. My mother raised us to know about her people and their ways. xo Nita

Michelle said...

I should dig out some of my old indian post cards that I used to collect. I also read every indian saga. On my Dad's side I have Cherokee and English. Onmy Mother's side, 100% Checkoslovakia.

I was on a train once and the lady next to out of the blue asked if I was cherokee or european. I said yes and told her. She said she could tell by my high cheek bones.

Sorry for the ramble!

Abrideri et Oblectare~~To Amuse and Delight