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Somerset Studio Magazine

I love this magazine... if your new to this type of crafting, this thing called collage , then this magazine is the one for you... its just been a monumental help to me over the yrs.... Well I wanted to show you the cover of the issue with the dominoe , sharpie marker thing in it.... you know my happy mistake? .. in case you wanted to try it .. .then you can get this copy at this website... they have a lot of other types of magazines as well... check em out! I also wanted to show somthing else new I made... :)


red tin heart said...

This looks like a great magazine. I am going to have to get it. Nita

paru's_circle said...

looks like a great a magazine..i think i do need to know how to do some techniques, will check it out when i have the time, in the meantime, pls check your hotmail a/c also the junk mail jjust in case my meial went there!

alice k. said...

Your art piece is beautiful. A box of roses on a painting? So original!
Thanks for the link.

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