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Well I just had a big wonderfull post for ya but somthing is up today with either the ole blogger or the ole computer so your getting the short and sweet version.... #1 We went on a trip to Brugge, Belgium yesterday. They are known for lace and chocolate and waffels and all that good stuff.... I'm showing one thing I got there... a little lace.... and I have a video we got to make of a lady we found in a little doorway making some lace! So cool! If i can figure out how to show ya I will. Also showing a journal page... from my favorite journal with an awsome cover titled The Blues Cure which i forgot to scan and will have to do later... This will be my day 1 and 2 for my creativity for a month because I havent been calculating it and I know I joined it much later than everyone else.... but it's been so awsome to be a part of it.... I needed it....** just realized all my photos have blue in them** ***got the lace video to work.. isn't that sooooo cool? see how fast she moves those little bobbin things? also wanted to say yes vin diesel is one of my favorite actors***

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