Blended Colors


pretty plain

This is a page in a new journal I'm making by hand... I just got a japanese screw punch.... and a bone folder and even a bind-it-all.... so we'll see.. I hanvent used the bind-it-all anyways this page I just played with.. I was working on another project and mixed too much of one color and ended up using this robins egg blue on my journal page, and some small little canvases and a big canvas and some little swap items.... hehe... I guess I mixed waaaaaaaaaay too much.... anyways I dabbled a little on the pages and then closed it up and to get prints on both sides.... then just started playing... I made those little tree inchies for a swap but didn't like how they turned out so I never sent them... but I had to keep them cause I did do a lot of little techniques on them! so here's my creativity for today... I also made a bunch more inchies and some coffee atc's but I'll have to post them later.... :)


red tin heart said...

This is so groovy!! I love it Baby. xoxo nita

red tin heart said...

Did I not even get one laugh from that comment? A tiny snicker? xoxo nita

Abrideri et Oblectare~~To Amuse and Delight