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all day art

Well I got the oppurtunity to go to an all day scrapbooking thingy today, and I asked if I could actually bring some collage things to do during my time there, which was fine. I was the only one doing collage... still have not met anyone here who does anything with it.... but it's cool. Anyways the holidays are fast approaching , and I'm working my way down the list of people to make things for.... today I made the front a back covers of a little album I'm making for my lil sis , currently deployed right now, and it's of her sweet baby girl. Not sure why I choose purple... but it all worked. Later tonight I'll bind it into an album. I can show the finish product later as well.... but I had to show off my cutie pie niece!


kate said...

Your niece is adorable. I think the purple looks great - the scrapbook cover is wonderful. Your sister will love this and treasure it!

kate said...
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Anonymous said...

The color here is AMAZING !

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