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GA- party!!!

first off... happy birthday dymphiem!!! I know it's been awhile..... but here is my take on the new theme at Gothic Arch Challenge Site .... like I said sorry it's been awhile... we had a surprise visit from the inlaws , who only stayed for three days.... then I smashed my little girl's thumb in the door! I feel so horrible about it! I'm such a clumsy mom! It's not broken but STILL! anyways... hope all is well out in blog land!


red tin heart said...

very neat. xoxo nita

DymphieM said...

Love your arch! Must be some party :)
Sorry about your little one's thumb, is it better now? Thank you for playing and the kind birthday wishes. Love your pic in the Keukenhof, were you there this year?

amanda said...

Just wanted you to know I’ve listed you as a Thinking Bogger. I know you've received this award in the past, but I enjoy your blog so much, I just had to list you. :)
Lovin' your creations, as always.

Michelle said...

All your goth arches inspire me to try my own, thank you!
I'm having a demo party on my blog now, hope you can come and play!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

love the elements you selected to use in this arch! so sorry about your little one's thumb! :( hope she is better!

kate said...

That is a beautiful work. I like the little umbrella. I hope your daughter's thumb is better ... I am clumsy too, and sometimes I marvel at how my son has managed to emerge unscathed! He's 15 now and even more clumsy than I am. These things happen and the wonderful thing is that our children continue to love us just as we are!

Angelina said...

Great idea to use the umbrella this way! Super!

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