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Well I've been a slug as far as creations go... this is all I've done in the last couple days other than doodling.... this is one of the two pages I have to do , in the Nature Journal RR I'm in... this is my favorite so far... I mean my favorite of what I've done... I've actually painted this picutre before in oils ... I gave it away as a doorprize or I would show that as well... I'm also in the works with my first oil painting in awhile... I think I'm finally coming out of the fog of a depression I've been in... this is my first time talking abou this ... I mean maybe there are a lot of people reading this who are also feeling depressed....what is it with artists... there's always somthing to be depressed about... I've never really been one to get depressed until my last pregnancy ... it was the hardest one because my hubby was deployed , so he missed the big belly, the relentless kicking and the delivery... I was depressed while i was pregnant and I think I still am today... I don't really like goin anywhere or doing much... just a little art here and there... everything is sad.. I'm so glad I don't have commercials to watch.. its bad enough watching chic flic's.... BUT good news! I feel that little tingly feeling I get when I want to paint... painting to me is just that ... paint and a brush and a canvas.... others might call painting , paper, glue , paints and brushes ... but for me its just paint and brushes...and like I said I have that little feeling and I havn't had it in so long... and I'm finally ready.... to make somthing big... I finally feel a little better.... WOW that was a lot to say and you don't have to read it all....but I have to say one more thing... art heals... :) hahaha oh wait I forgot to say I painted this tree in acrylics... I'm so horrible at acrylics! I always make things tooooo bright! look at it!


red tin heart said...

Really neat tree. It looks like it is going to go for a walk. It reminds me of those cool trees in the Lord of the Rings . The ones that came alive. xo Nita

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about the depression. It runs in my family on my dad's side so I have to careful. too much sugar in my system can bring on those moody blues. the best cure for me is rest and crafting. and too not take anything too seriously. either way, I'm here for ya!

Linda M said...

This is a great piece you created. Art is very therapeutic. I understand about depression. I've struggled with it for years. You certainly have every reason to be blue. When will your DH be home? Don't be afraid to talk to the doctor and get meds just to get you through this difficult time. They really help.

In this light, maybe you will want to be part of something I'm doing for Nancy James, the one who hosts the arch site. I know you know how she feels exactly.

Her son Andrew is being deployed to Iraq on October 17th. He was home for the weekend, and Nancy and her husband are going to Georgia today week to meet Andrew’s platoon. You know how wrenching this will be for Nancy.

I am inviting you and the other arch participants to do an arch, a 4x4, or an ATC for Nancy. I have set up a blog for it:

Just link in the comment section under mine. You can keep doing this for as many weeks as you like.

Let me know if you have any questions:

Only do it if it is not too depressing for you. BIg hugs, Linda

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