Blended Colors



Well this is my all time favorite painting ever... one because i did it for a good friend... and two because its an oil painting... which is truly my favorite medium... I've been enjoying this art every day for a month excercise... this new year of school has been so hectic i never think i'll have time to do anything... you know there's like a list.... a list of MUST DO'S.... read my Bible every morning, work-out at least three days but hopefully more, finish homeschooling for that day, have clean clothes/house/dishes etc, feed the family, spend quality down time mit mine Mann (little german for ya), and then there is art! you just hafta hafta hafta hafta have art in your life... you know? so see i'm a very challenged writer, i'm even to lazy to capitalize all the words that need to be capitalized... sheesh... but anyways.... here's the paiting


amanda said...

Beautiful. This takes me to another season full of vibrant color.

Leah said...

it's gorgeous!!

Abrideri et Oblectare~~To Amuse and Delight