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sneeky sneeky

i joined in on the charming cottage swap.... and so i'm showing a little sneeky peek of what a made... these aren't even shots of the finished product so that's even sneekier i guess , in case my parnter is lurking about.... hehe.... it was hard and fun at the same time.... its totally hand made out of chipboard, i tried to follow a pattern from online but i like the simply boxy look better... i'll show the whole thing after she gets it... it's twelve inches high! with lots of glitter.... and some other little things here and there... also i wanted to tell you guys about somthing really cool and new... a place to get your art published in a very cool new journal..... its gonna be awsome , i can just tell! go to and read all about it.... i've submitted some things...

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red tin heart said...

Very pretty colors. xoxo Nita

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