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little surgery turned out bigger

so i've been non blogging for awhile because i had some varicose veins removed... just wanted to apologize for not saying HEY this was gonna happen and HEY i wont be writing for a bit.... it was way more extensive then i thought it would be and it looks like i'll have to wear the tights for at least a week.... YAY! i'm only 30 but i guess having 3 kids and being on your feet all the time will do it! they took out a lot of veins... i went to the german krakenhaus and the doc said my veins were kaput... :) i will write more later and i do have tons to blog about... swaps etc etc etc....
thanx for your patience... :)


Michelle said...

I hope you take it easy for a while, and I'm sure you'll have lots to blog about later!

amanda said...

That doesn't sound like fun. So glad you're on the mend.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Hazel said...

Sorry to hear you had to have an op so close to Christmas. I hope you recover soon. Have a good Christmas!

Holly said...

Feel better soon Sheri!! Hopefully you are surrounded by people that can help you out during this busy time of the year. You are a kind heart and deserve the very best! Hang in there and happy holidays!
Best Wishes,
Holly :)

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