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Do you remember the cha-cha dress? down like two or three posts? Well anyways here's what I did to fix it... much better right? Much more cha-cha.... I think if the lady in my freebie pic below would wear the cha-cha dress she would take better pictures... maybe that just me. Ok I think I either need more coffee , or I've had too much.... yeah.

This is an Altered Board book im working on for a swap I'm doing through one of my yahoo groups. I'm really having fun playing around with it. I'm not done yet but here's a few pics of where I'm at with it. It's coming along... I really tried to make the cover look old and antiqued. I hope thats how it looks. I made a bright blue green spread that doesn't really go with everything else so I'll definately be changing that up a bit. Otherwise whaddya think?


paru's_circle said...

i would be darkening the bottom spreads a is great..cover..= to die for.. regards..P.

red tin heart said...

I think it is totally awesome. It looks really old. Nita

alice k. said...

I agree, the dress has more oomph now! Love the colors. Now the hanger looks almost pale in comparison.
Maybe you could just trace it to cardboard and cover with one of the materials you used for the dress.

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