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"Hollis slowly reailzed how freeing it was to go the day made him feel like dancing!"

Well this time Illustration Friday and Monday Artday both had themes that similar enough, but I'm still posting two pictures. Illustration Friday was MISSING.... and Monday Artday was NO PANTS.


paru's_circle said...

NO Pants> Hollis.. i take it hes not from Scotland!?1
(is it windy there today?)
great idea! that rocks!! i will go and see the one underneath,, i was so blown away by Holllis 4 got to look ;-)))

paru's_circle said...

cant c the wording on missing (bad eyes)

purplepaint said...

Sheri - love these too! I need to get busy and post more often on my blog!

I'll certainly try to make her happy! I can just see her saying something funny, she's a great straight man. By the way, you can email me directly at:


stangy said...

omg - Hollis's freedom is absolutely hysterical...I like how you captured the freedom of expressive dancing around him!

red tin heart said...

I think it is hilarious. Nita

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