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So I haven't really gone to etsy for awhile because well nothing much has changed in my little ole shop... BUT I like to go to the forums... and somone wanted to see people favorite pieces of work to put in their treasury... one of mine got picked! yay! so cool.... you can go there to check it out.... so cool... anyways... well I've not been good about posting anything for my sacred life that I wanted to start trying to do ... but well I thought what I've been thinking about might have somthing to do with it... so my lil sis is a pilot in the military and has been deployed for a couple weeks now for the first time... and the reason I'm talking about her is because ... well a couple things... I've already said I love Somerset Studio... that's where it all began for me ... and well one of the upcoming themes they have is heros... some of the things they listed for ideas was Superman, Spiderman... etc etc.... but nothing about the military... and I know everyones opinions are very different right now about , well , politics.... but well I have a big military family.... so I'm coming up with a piece dedicated to the military... anyways... just wanted to show a pic of my little sis.... and some art of course.... :)


paru's_circle said...

a pilot? great!!!
women rule!!!

Karen said...

That is so cool!

I think there's a difference between how people feel politically and how they feel about the actual military personnel--at least there is for me. The people who are in the military are doing an absolutely necessary job that I would be too scared to do--and part of that job (maybe the most important part of that job) is following orders.

I'm not expressing this well. Hope it didn't come out wrong and offend anybody.

You mentioned you have a laser printer--there are ways to do transfers with laser printers, too. there's a method almost like the one I described, except when you soak the image, you have to peel and rub to get all the paper off. But you end up with a transparent emulsion. And don't forget heat transfers with laser prints... (I have a laser printer, too).

Hazel said...

Your sister is a hero, as is everyone who puts their life on the line when it is so much easier not to. I hope your piece gets published!

Elizabeth said...

That is VERY cool - you must be immensely proud of her! And a pilot too, awesome!
I think the Military do a fantastic job and shouldn't be held responsible for the decisions that the politicians make.

We have a tradition of Navy people in our family and I am very proud of them.
Enjoying visitng your blog; nice to come and say 'hello'! :-)

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