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melissa's Tussie

**this bluer one is the one I made... the much more elaborate , gorgeous, beautiful tussie below with the birdy on top is made by melissa!**

well I got my camara and the pics of MY AWSOME TUSSIE! melissa from is just a wonderfull artist , isn't she? I love this tussie... I wish I could frame it... and of course the goodies were awsome... I don't even have it all pictured... she has a good picture of the tussie on her blog... check it out.... I didn't take the best photos sorry... but I just love it! how lucky is that to get her as a partner... I don't know if there's anyone out there who's not yet joined in any swaps but you gotta do it! they are so fun!

** ok I think I typed this up wrong but it made sense to me.... these are pics of the tussie that Melissa made for me.... I'm adding the tussie I made to the tippy top so you can see the one I made! :)**


Olivia said...

I love your tussie, Sheri! It looks gorgeous, and kind of hard to make, too. Beautiful! said...

Swapa are a blast!!! Look at your goodies!! YAY!! xxo

paru's_circle said...

lovely tussie..!!!!!!
regards and glad you got your prize..

kwright said...

Your tussie is lovely!!

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