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maybe you've seen this

.... maybe not... I did this painting awhile ago. It's my hubby's fav. and mine too ... so far! also wanted to show a pic of my new little muse. He's so cute! This is retro antique for sure... it was my grandmothers and i know she had it forever. I have no idea where she got it or long she had it but I don't know he's just a cutie. Painter Pete. :)
edited for paru: yes the little Painter Pete does bend! thats cool right? :)


paru's_circle said...

does he bend?

alice k. said...

Wow, you're so talented! Oil is clearly your medium. Have you thought of doing atc's in oil? Or is there a rule they need to be collaged? (Forgive my ignorance.) If you do, I'd love to trade one!

paru's_circle said...

i must have seen soemthing similar many years ago.. yes,hes cool.. psst.. challenge with prize over at my blog!

red tin heart said...

I really like this one. Nita

purplepaint said...

Sheri - I love your acrylic paintings! I could never get the hang of acrylics, they dry too fast. Of course now they have all the things to retard drying... Thank you for the nice comments on my tip in, I was really nervous about it since it's going to Susan Chong, but don't tell her I've posted it. I want her to be suprised. (Hopefully) :) Marva

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