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New things

A couple of new things I made yesterday.... im showing pics with the flash on in some because well this is Germany and it rains a lot, and I know you want to see all the colors. With the frilly lady one I used an antique book cover , which is my new favorite thing to do, and with the gypsey one I used the end cardboard piece from a paper pack... recycle, reuse right? So finally our base is having a craft show/fair in september... I'm so glad... I was goin to just have a craft yard sale... I've made so many extras from the swaps I've joined that I'm running outta room! Whatever I dont sell at the craft show will go on sale in the etsy shop.... I'm thinking I need to make some more little dresses....


Michelle said...

Your bags are so beautiful!

P.s. I Tagged you! Visist my site so you can copy your questionair!

paru's_circle said...

LOVE your gypsy..yes AWESOME yeah..recycle, throw nothing out.. then u will end up like me.. a house we cant swing a cat in! ;-)
p.s. Dont 4 get teh FEET challenge!

alice k. said...

I answered the five random facts!

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