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Well I got tagged again, this time for 5 random facts by linda from , and also nominated for the thinking bogger award, by heather from .

so 5 random things.

1. My hubby and I met in the AIR FORCE boot camp...yes thats right, I was in the military for 6 wks but God obviously only wanted us to meet, not for me to stay enlisted. God has a plan for us all... :)

2. My grandparents raised my two sisters and brother and I, from the time I was 4yrs old, and I'm the oldest.

3. I'm 6ft 2inches tall..... no, I don't play basketball.

4. I have three kids and they all have 7 letters in their first names and 3 letters in their middle names, this was my hubby's idea... do you know there aren't that many 7 letter names out there? **or 3 now that I've thought about it!**

5. I can't hardly ever find britches (pants) long enough for me , so I wear skirts a lot , or capri's which are supposed to be short.

So I nominate Karla from for the Thinking blogger award because she makes me look at things in a different way... things you wouldnt think could be art, CAN be art!

I would also like to know 5 random facts about Alice from because she makes such interesting things I'm sure theres gotta be somthing interesting we don't about her!



alice k. said...

Oh wow, what if I said I was shy...? But OK, I am not, and you can all go to my blog tonight and see what randomness I came up with...

Sheri, I sent you an email about the dress swap! You better fish it out from your junk folder (where my mail provider annoyingly throws every email that's not on my contact list yet).

craftygallinda said...

Wow are almost a foot taller then me. I never liked being short because everything is long on me and has to be hemmed but I can see how it would be a pain if everything is short. :) The Lord made us all unique that is for sure! Thanks for sharing your 5 random facts! said...

That was nice, thanks!!!

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